Sunday, March 22, 2009

Postcards from Melbourne #1

Dear friends, Jen and Dawnie, and just look at the view from our Retreat venue deck.
The super talented artist and teacher Stephanie Lee - more on classes in a day or so.
Sweet Charles would not let me pack my cases in peace, each time I lifted him out and turned for another garment he jumped right back in. After I closed the door (a rare event in this house) he melted my heart with his efforts to join in so I carried the image all around Melbourne with me.
A starling right inside a major shopping centre, there were so many inside buildings, including the airport. I felt so sorry for them living the urban life.
The iconic entrance to Luna Park, St Kilda. What a wonderful tram ride it is to this cosmopolitan and yet friendly suburb. I would stay here next time.
You may notice this one is taken from the inside, the coffee was fantastic too.
Part of the bakery strip in St Kilda.
A gorilla installation in the car park at our retreat, I wonder who put it there?
Mum I am confused, why are you packing your things and not mine.
Archer certainly looks happier now and had a lovely holiday at Aunty Nicky's.
"Sorry Dawn, I can't look now, Julie has the camera out".
Meredith, Dawn and Dot sharing art.


dogfaeriex5 said...

looks like all you gals had a wonderful time!! it is always so hard to come down from the clouds after such retreats isnt many fond memories we carry in our hearts..xo

Sam Marshall said...

Great photos, Julie!

Jen Crossley said...

So great to finally meet you Julie,we had a great time and alot of memories to share.
Hm Maybe Captain Underpants had a hand in that tree??

Dot said...

Hi Julie

Glad you got home safely to your fur babies. And I am sure they were very happy to see their mama :)

I am pleased that you enjoyed your classes so much - and I know you created beautiful things.

Smiled at seeing the photo's of Charles's paw again - he didn't want you to go obviously!

Hope you enjoyed the rest of the trip after I dropped you off at your apartment.

Ronnie and Essie both send their love.

Dotee xoxo

P.S I look very ' posed' in that photo you took. Laughed out loud at the file name of the pic.

Cat said...

Looks like you had a good time! Are you rested up or do you need to do that now that you are home?

I just love the picture of puddy-paws under the door!

Hugs, Cat

Genevieve said...

I can fully understand the temptations of the bakeries on Ackland St in St Kilda, thankfully my sister and I only discovered them late on the Saturday arvo - otherwise both of our butts would have been bigger going home - loved the vibe and the spanish churros! One day I'll go on a retreat and play happily amongst such talent.


Gaby Bee said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful time :-)
Thanks for sharing these great pics!

Gaby xo

Janine said...

Great photos Julie.... so glad you all had a great time.... perhaps I'll get there next year??? I love St Kilda.... and did I read Spannish Churros... yummmmm

Dot said...

P.S Glad you liked St Kilda too. And visited some of the cake shops (in Acland Street?). It is a great place to visit.

Ro Bruhn said...

Sorry I didn't get to really catch up with you, I was only there for the day, so didn't get to do much socializing, next year I've booked in for the four Susan LK workshops, couldn't miss them.