Monday, March 23, 2009

Postcards from Melbourne #2

Urban art, Melbourne style.

While the art is clean the aroma down some of these lanes is not so ...

The water seen through the knot hole in this jetty is part of a great big ocean, stretching right around to my side of Australia, and to the ocean closest to you - isn't that awesome?
Are the stencils, graffiti, art or vandalism? So many in the city and the suburbs..
Dotee on 'her' pier. The water was clear, the sky blue and the air fresh - perfect.
With the 'chatty' Miss Essie...
... and the handsome smoochalicious Mr Ronnie.


Dot said...

Hi Julie

Great pics! And I am so glad you found some art in Melbourne that took your fancy (unlike the er....interesting art sculptures on Eastlink freeway he hee).

You are a great photographer my friend.

Love the photo of Ronnie and Essie - and you are so right about Ronnie being smoochalicious (what a good word for him).

Would you mind sending me copies of the photo's you took on the pier and of the kitties? The one of Ronnie and Ms E is worth framing.

Lots of love

Dotee xoxo

Jen Crossley said...

I know you love the art work on the east link Julie you told me it was right up your alley

Debbi Baker said...

Two terrific posts Julie!! Takes me right back to Melbourne (well sort of!) Great to meet you and share a class even if we were both pretty tired that day. PS Your photos really are awesome.

Still Waters Studio said...

Thanks for the photos of Melbourne and your retreat. What fun it looks like!
I really enjoyed seeing the urban art.

Janet said...

I like your urban art....we have a lot of that in L.A. too. It looks like you had a fun day.

Stephanie said...

What a wonderful! retreat!! AND I say question!!

Xanapan said...

Hi Julie
Thanks for sharing your photos of Melbourne. I'm considering going over for MPA. Looks like fun!

Jacky said...

Hi Julie, fantastic photos in these two nice to see those friendly faces again, such a fun time.
Lovely photos of your stay with Dotee too...those kitties are beautiful.

Jacky xox

Seth said...

Great urban shots!