Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Look what my Dad made me!

I asked me Dad to make me a new mail box. My old one was in a silly spot, it was hard for the postie to reach, and his bike was eroding my sloping verge. The final straw came when a part of the wooden on the old one rotted and it began to swing like a hammock in the wind.
A couple of weeks, an old cream churn and some ‘stuff’ and I now have a large, weather proof mailbox. All that is left for me to do is add a number. I want to make one out of metal bits so it may have to wait until the next school holidays.
When the lawn grows back and the bush sprouts new leaves it will blend beautifully. I do love my rather clever Dad.

Vintage Posy, the piece below, sold the same day I made and listed it on my Etsy. I was blown away – and am so thrilled it is travelling half way round the world to a lovely lady in the USA.


Doreen G said...

What a great guy your Dad is Julie and to make you this unique letter box is too much.
And how sturdy is that-no kids with crackers will blow that one up.

Steph said...

Cool box! Your dad is an artist too !

Danielle said...

I love your new mail box - it's beautiful and functional as well.

Ro Bruhn said...

What a fabulous mail box Judy, I love the spring for the stand.
I'm not surprised your necklace sold so quickly it was a beautiful piece

Ro Bruhn said...

Sorry Julie, Julie not Judy. I'd just visited Judy's red velvet blog

Me said...

That is awesome. Your Dad is so cool but I bet you know that already...

megan said...

what a piece of art that mailbox is! Congrats on the wonderful jewellry - no wonder it is being snapped up!

Still Waters Studio said...

I can see where you got some of your talent from. It's nice to have a creative family.
I'm so glad that your necklace sold. I'll have to visit your shop and look around.

Arty Lady's blog said...

What a wonderful letterbox. You should get your dad to mass produce them and sell them on Etsy.


Natalie B said...

You have one very clever dad... love your new mail box :-)

Dawnie said...

Too cool miss Julie and now we see just where you aquired your skills from.
love the pic of your pa cementing it in too.
Such a wonderful treasure you lucky girlie.
Bet it will stand the test of time.Super !

Hug ya

Prawnie xxx

kelsey said...

Makes my old brick letterbox look really daggy Julie!!! I too love the spring base...cool!

Dot said...

What a fantastic letter box Julie!!! And how clever is your dad? (it runs in the family).
Look forward to seeing the number 3 you make for it (amd sure that will be very special).

And a big yay for you selling your latest , and most wonderful, necklace so quickly. You are getting known my friend!

Debbi Baker said...

What a fabulous letterbox! Mine is so boring. Congrats to on the instant sale!! Mind you I am not surprised - it was a stunning piece.

Judy said...

LOL Ro!!!
its me Judy,
I just love the post box - the spring is so awesome.
Congrats on the jewellery sales.

jessica said...

what a great mail box and what a great dad!