Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bad Mummy

If you have ever wondered what a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel looks like after his Mum locks his tail in the car door, I can show you. For other breeds you will have to do your own research! Seriously, his poor little face was miserable 20minutes later and his tail was still wagging - see how it is blurred? Archer's tail wags from daylight to dusk and beyond - is that a cav' thing I wonder?
What a chaotic weekend this one has been. It was the last week of school term and my last week with my year 12 History class before their mock exams. I had quite a lot of marking to do for them and lots of last minute practice assessments.
In the 'it never rains but it pours' style of life my Uncle G and his wife were out from England for the first time, they spent a week here in Albany with us and have managed to see quite a lot of the state. We had a couple of family dinners and lovely afternoons while they were here.
When we visit England we flit from place to place and person to person and the opportunity for long cosy one-on-one chats is limited.
I had a few birthday gifts to make, including my visiting Uncles' so I made some wire bookmarks - I actually wrapped the really manly one I made for Uncle Gnbefore it got a picture taken, but these ones were given away this week too.

The junk pin is on Etsy (now sold)- there is something soothing about making these, the collection of small elements, the wire wrapping. It is all so relaxing.

I made the green/sterling silver necklace to wear to a special dinner. The rain forest jasper is just gorgeous. I can't decide whether to keep it or not, perhaps I will just wear it a couple more times, I was thinking about a friend as I made it. Who knows where it will end up.


Natalie B said...

Yes it must be a Cav thing, as Rosie's tail never stops. They are just so loving and adorable. Poor Archer. I bet if he's anything like Rosie, he cried and cried and it would have just about broken your heart.

Love your jewellery as ALWAYS!! Yay for school hols for you.... Yay for me too... Love them

Ro Bruhn said...

Pour little Archer, but dogs are so forgiving.
I totally agree about the pin 'thing', so much of the pleasure is in the assembly of the found objects

ATCLindaB said...

your art is always such an inspiring oogle-feast (I made that up)but it means that I think it's devine

Dot said...

Oh.....poor little Archer looks so soulful in this photo. Little darling man...sweet potato (I call Essie that).

I am sure he survived the tail ' incident'. I accidentally got Ronnies nose caught in the front door the other day and he wasn't happy!

Love, love the spoon necklace. And (as per my email the other day) would love to buy one from you.

Love you

Dotee xoxo