Sunday, September 02, 2007

And the winner is...

What a delight this give away became, I "met" so many nice people and found some delightful new blogs to visit. I also found some wonderful people who read my blog quietly. The randomly drawn winner of my OOAK junk pin is one of those ... Congratulations to Julie Q.
If anyone else would like to purchase a pin please visit my ETSY store, or ping me an e-mail. I was going to illustrate this post with steaming cups of hot tea, or the bingo game I used to draw the winner(after all I did ask about your favourite drinks - and thank you I did get some good ideas), but ... I was out gardening on Saturday and dear Archer was sending me MAD - he kept disappearing down the street. After collecting him for the fourth time and with storm clouds gathering I dropped him into the green waste bin. Just 5 minutes, I said.
Archer has such a good time tromping down the prunings and checking out the rest of the street, in fact he may have imagined this game of hide and seek was completely for his benefit, we managed to fill the bin before the rain came down.The little man almost fell out of the bin turning to pose for the photo above.
At the end of the morning's work Charles, who had observed the entire process, wanted to know why Archer was so tired.

Congratulations again Julie.


Dot said...

Well done Julie Q for winning Julie's beautiful pin! And thanks JulieH for running such a generous giveaway.

Oh, I love the story about Archer and the photos! He is such a little darling (even if he is a pest at times). Good idea to get him to 'help' with the prunings. He looks quite at home there..

Glad that Charles supervised the process and kept an eye on things (he is a beautiful boy).

Love you

Dotee xoxo

Julie Q said...

Oh Wow!! I can't believe I won your stunning pin. Thank you so very much Julie for your generosity.

The pics of Archer made me giggle, he is so cute, what a beautiful face.

Thanks again Julie you are OOAK!

Julie Q

Ro Bruhn said...

Congratulations Julie Q, lucky girl.
What a beautiful little man you have there and so helpful too.


Betzie said...

Hi Julie!
I'm sorry I missed your giveaway, not blogging much these days.
Your jewelry is so pretty.
Also, I love your dog!! I show and breed Cavaliers! I will never be without one! They're wonderful dogs. Hugs,Betzie

Janet said...

Lucky Julie Q!!

Archer is adorable and looks like he's having fun helping you.

One Crabapple said...

ah heck. I just got interrupted at work while trying to see Archer the Darling.

Have to come back

Work at work ! are they crazy ?? laughing.

be back soon.

One Crabapple said...

Yes, Congratulations Julie on the drawing

I think there was a "Julie Thing" going on here ?

This was not RIGGED now was it ?

I am going to give you girls the benefit of a doubt

oh little Archer has taken my heart. I knew he was cute ! but these pictures - I see how cute his mischievious little self really is !

What a crack up !

And you found yourself a play pen !
That is so funny !

(now if that would only work on Penneford !)

This photo of Charles is Perfect !
A Real Cover Boy !
Seriously , that is a Winnning Photo !

Love, S.

ps That was a lot of yard work ! Good Girl !

Janine said...

Oh Julie... Archer is gorgeous! What a great idea... must remember that as Harley keeps wanting to disappear! Love the pic of Charles too!