Sunday, September 30, 2007

Age and Beauty

My darling Nana recently sent me this photo of herself at 16 and another taken 70 years later at 86 years or age. Nana made the comment, 'old age isn't a pretty sight is it?'. How my heart cried out as I examined the two pictures; out of respect for my Nana I am not sharing the newer picture, and yet it brings me joy - she looks lovely dressed for a wedding, and I see her heart in the gentle smile upon her face. It was nice to see this older picture, and my Nana was pretty, but I look at her now and I see true beauty.

My Nana lives in England, and yet she has been the first to hear many of my secrets and hold them close, as she does for all my cousins. Nana is encouraging and kind and she really knows how to listen. She sets boundaries too - when we whinge about our parents, as kids do, she gently tells a story that will remind us of our parents strengths. Nana has the gift of being able to accept all people exactly as they are, and to relate to people of all ages; she values that which is important to each of us and would never miss asking about my fur babies.

How is it that we can spend so much time chasing down antique furniture, and as many of us do aging perfectly shiny new items, and yet live in a society that teaches us to disdain the signs of age on our own earthly bodies.


MaryB said...

Your Nana sounds so much like my Grandmother. I could always go to Grandma and tell her my deepest darkest fears.
My grandmother would giggle if she saw me "antiquing" a piece of jewelry. However when it came time to take pictures she would tell us to take pictures of the children, and not waste the film on her. I thought she was the most beautiful Grandmother on Earth, and will always remember her that way.
Your Grandmother also is a very beautiful woman.
May we all turn out to be as beautiful in other peoples eyes as they are in ours.

Ro Bruhn said...

So true Julie, we don't repect age, we run away from it frightened.
I have an uncle in England who hears all my secrets and stories, maybe it's the distance that makes it easier to tell.

Me said...

You are so very right.

I made your wind-spinner for my gift-away and the adhesive is drying. When it is dry and have all the stuff ready for the PO I will ship it out. Can you send me your address?

maryslonelyheart at yah00 dot c0m

Gunnels blog said...

So beautiful!

Janet said...

Your last sentence says it all. We are a society obsessed with youth and "beauty"....and yet we don't recognize real beauty.

Your Nana sounds like a wonderful person....beautiful in her heart as well as her body.

Dot said...

Beautiful post Julie. And a lovely photo of your Nana. I am sure she is as beautiful today as she was then.
I am sure she is blessed by your connection (as are all who know and love you).

I agree with Janet that your Nana sounds like she is an amazing person, inside and out (just like you are).

Dotee xoxo

Judy said...

This is such a lovely post and I just love the photo of your Nana - she sounds very wise, indeed.