Sunday, December 28, 2008

Grunge and Sweetness, or ...

... rather sweetness and grunge. I think the sweetest gift of Christmas was some quality time with the newest little ‘H’, my nephew ‘A’. This photo was taken at lunch while he slept all snuggled in and I battled the brussels sprouts. Why do mother’s think those small green stinky vege are a traditional part of Christmas? I must say everything else was delicious and of course I ate too much.
I kept last years resolution, 12 months without hair dye (actually I lasted 13) umm, perhaps I should not mention hair when I have the frizz happening above :). So I will boldly state this years resolution - to drop three dress sizes. Other aspects of my health have been my focus for many years and medication took its toll, but I have stayed the same size all 2008 so I am sure that with a little work I can remove some of the excess.
I am not sure I will ever be able to sit like the sweet angel to the left (my niece) but I would like to be able to keep up with her as she plays her games and runs around the garden.
This was the third notebook I made and I experimented with some new colours - I like the green with my usual "grunge" and rust tones. I cut and covered all six covers, applied several paint washes and some stamping then worked on one book at a time.
This book was not meant to have webbing spray on it's corners, a certain ginger purr-baby decided to jump on my lap as I was spraying the back ground of the other two - luckily only the corner was effected and I decided it added to the texture. I can convince myself of almost anything.
After I made the note books I found one more of the tin signs I used as the focal point of each book. "spirit" started out red, the others were shades of cream and white to begin with.


Genevieve said...

Oooo, what delicious eye candy for the over burdened christmas eyes to feast upon. I must get one of those zutter binders - but only once my new studio is finished - as I can hardly fit into the space I have!


Judy said...

The books are lovely Julie I like the new colour tones too. Wishing you a very healthy New Year, free from accidents. Enjoy your little niece and nephew they will grow up before you know it.

Natalie B said...

Such lushiousness :-) your notebooks that is. Yum yum.

Good luck with your resolutions... i need to to work on some of mine from this year now... it's not too late is it :-)

Doreen G said...

Beautiful notebooks Julie and good luck with your resolutions--I think I will have to join you.

kelsey said...

The notebooks are just wonderful Julie! Love the colours and that green looks like it belongs right where it is along with the rust. Actually, so does the webbing spray...just shows that happy accidents are always welcome in art!

Can I join you in your New Year's Resolution??? lol

Dawnie said...

Super stuff here my gal pal. I'm a bit sad that I didnt get the 'SET'
he-he. Greedy cow I am, HA !
Hope you wear your new hat out tomorrow

Sulea said...

Happy New Year Julie!
Wow love your notebooks! Such rich gorgeous colours.

I think i might have to join you in your new year's resolution too.I'm stuck with tuna salads for the next few weeks....

Jacky said...

Julie I love the new colour (of course green my favourite colour I would... wouldnt I?). Looks great with the rust too.
Looks like you had a lovely Christmas day, always so nice to be around family and friends.
Have a very Happy New Year Julie and I look forward to catching up in March!!!

Cat said...

Your nephew and neice are precious.

Your books are devine~! If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the Spirit one - or maybe Peace... or maybe Faith... Okay I can't decide, they are all lovely!!!!

Have a Happy Healthy New Years and may all your dreams come true~

Holly Loves Art said...

Happy New Year Julie! Wishing you all the best for 2009.

Great post here... love the note books very much.

Take good care,


Nic Hohn said...

Love the textures you've captured. Truly beautiful, as they are meant to be.

Ev said...

Looks like I missed your visit. Love the books, as always I love your work. Will join you in the dropping of the dress sizes too.

Still Waters Studio said...

I love the new books and the color added to your usual beautiful patina of age.
I'm glad you had a wonderful holiday with your family and wish you a blessed new year.
I think I would have loved the brussel sprouts. Plenty of butter is the key.

Betzie said...

Love these new notebooks Julie!!!
Happy New Year and hugs to your Cavalier!
Betzie xo

Jen Crossley said...

Oh Julie your new work is just GORGEOUS I love your new colours just beautiful.
So proud of you and your last year resolutions you have a strong will.Cant wait to meet you not long now
Happy new year to you I hope it is a happy,healthy and creative one Julie

Dawnie said...

I miss you so popped to blogger to see your pic's of you and Archer.

Dawnie said...
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Patti G. said...

I found you from Dawnie's blog! :0)
I love your notebooks, they are fabulous!!
And your sweet niece and darling are they! Wonderful to have such little dear ones in your life.
Your handmade birthday gifts are such fun! ALL of them, you have been treated well by your artsy friends! FUN!
Wishing you a Happy New Year!

Karen Cole said...

Hi Julie!

I thought I'd stop by and wish you a very happy new year.

These books are truly beautiful. The colors you achieved are amazing. You are certainly gifted . I'm so glad I have some of that energy in my book. Thank you so much.

xo Karen