Sunday, December 14, 2008

Smiles, Joys and Gratefulness

The 'view' as I leave my room and walk to any other area in my little house. Fish (yes,that is his name) in the bowl, art by Natalie, Misty and I, a lone kangaroo paw in my favourite vase (an old milk bottle) and a light shade I still love after five years of looking at it.
Homemade gifts ready to wrap.
Sunshine and sun scented sheets as summer finally arrives in Western Australia.
The sunlight filtered through the native garden, the rather intense looking Phantom as he enjoys the space and the leaves on the lawn.
The delicious fruit salad chilling as I type.
This knobbly native flower in my back yard.
No more stitches; I had a nasty little melanoma removed just over two weeks ago and my wonderful Doctor had to take WIDE margins. It is so good not to itch, and I am so blessed Geoff was on the ball and picked this up.

The geranium blooming behind washing drying in the sun.
Planning a birthday gift for a special seven year old, to be.

The faded roses against decking stump.
Knowing there are five more sleeps until the school year ends and I can catch up; house work, friends, garden, cleaning and -yes - school work.
Archer's delight when he managed to roll the treat out of his ball, the pile of mulch (a gift from my parents) and the hibiscus (a gift from a friend) in bloom.

Cuddles with my handsome nephew.

In a year where I have had more anti-biotics than in the last dozen combined, and faced more issues than in the last five. In a year where the fur-babies have all had their turn to be ill and the rain has fallen to the point where I wondered about buying a boat. In a year where I have never ever felt 'caught up' there has been much to be grateful for. Too much for one post, so today I am sharing just some of the things which have brought me smiles, moments of joy and made me grateful this very day...


Kylie Mell said...

Hi Julie,

What a wonderful post. It is good to hear that even though you have had a very full year that you still have a positive attitude towards things. I love the sentiment behind this post too - giving thanks for all we have. We are blessed with big things and little things everyday and sometimes we aren't paying attention until we look back and see just how blessed we are.

Hope your school hols are packed full of blessings!

Doreen G said...

I agree whole-heartedly with Kylie we sometimes don't see the small thing that are important because they are over taken by the big things but they are there just the same.
May you be blessed with much love and joy over the festive season Julie and big hugs to the for legged friends as well.

Jane P said...

You are one of my Heroes, Julie. What a year, at times there must have been long tunnels, but what great light I see in your beautiful photos. Happy Birthday and hope to catch you in the festive Year

Sam Marshall said...

Hi Julie,
Love your gorgeous words and photos. Sorry to hear how challenging this year has been for you healthwise. Roll on holidays and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Me said...

Thank you for sharing the joy - it was/is a beautiful post.

dogfaeriex5 said...

what a great post and the pictures are wonderful considering it is very cold, wet and dreary here today!!! we have a winterweather warning through tomorrow happy you are having a nice to you and those sweet furry faces!!

Linda Lynch said...

Julie, love your post and so so glad that the nasty melanoma was removed. Your handmade gifts are wonderful. We are -6 degrees here in Idaho! We are having ten days of Arctic chill and it is COLD!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, Thank you for the kind words. Ooooh, maybe you need to find a funky sunhat to wear to keep the melanoma away. I guess staying out of the sun where you are is kind of hard.
I'm happy that you could find the goodness of the year even through the cloudiest of days.

Judy said...

May 2009 bring only good things to you

Howard said...

Hi Julie,
I just received my bracelet and other treasures today. I love the bracelet and the thought of you and Archer on the beach, picking up the little stones.
Have a blessed new year.

Dot said...

Such a beautiful post Julie. Full of love and warmth. You are a blessed soul. And very brave too to have faced all you have faced this year.

Love all the pics ; especially of Phantom and young Archer. I want to curl up in the garden with Phantom. He looks very comfortable there.

Sending you much love and hope that next year will be a very special one for you.

Dotee xoxo