Monday, April 21, 2008

How Much is that Mummy in the Window?

This pretty dog wanted me to to take her home...
This fellow was so well behaved, and I am grateful because if that tongue had headed for me instead of cleaning his own face I would have needed a towel!

How much is that Mummy in the window? ...or at least that is what I imagine these dogs are saying as they turn themselves inside out trying to get the attention of each possible new home that walks by. The dogs at APS have individual kennels with indoor and outdoor areas; these are small when compared to a home or backyard but clean and safe. Whenever possible all the dogs are walked everyday and they are also let out into a couple of large grassy runs to play. Newer and less social dogs are let out alone, others in groups to play. These are wonderful conditions for a shelter, but they do not compare to the life my little Archer has, rides in the car, walks on the beach and through bush, a tiny piece of my apple as I sit typing this.
When I visited last Monday there was a shortage of volunteers but two students were sweeping the outdoor area, a volunteer had been in to help with the cleaning and walking and Clare was running from task to task, her grand daughters tell me Clare always runs at APS and is always at APS. While I was there Clare was organising the adoption of a little Westie who had found his forever home, phoning for donations of meat – needed by Wednesday, overseeing the students and more. There are many volunteers at APS giving anything from a couple of hours a fortnight to several days a week and more. Thank you so much to all the amazing ladies and man.
It takes a special person to work with these dogs, and volunteers are always needed. As soon as there is space dogs are rescued from the local pound and other sources then vet checked, sterilised (if needed) and hopefully rehomed. There is a lot of work involved in running a shelter and people are needed for all sorts of jobs.
Some dogs have been there a very long time, others like the Westie, had only stayed briefly. All are needy.

See this precious dog press against the fence, it was so very hard to walk away.
Please consider donating time, money or goods APS.


Steph said...

Awwww they're so cute ... must have been hard for you not to take any home with you ...

Betzie said...

Hi Julie,
Those faces speak volumes don't they? I used to go over to ours and take things that they needed, but haven't gone for some time. I got too sad and cried on the way home every time. I just wanted to bring them all with me. Our shelter only gives them two weeks. So sad and all they want is love.
It is a wonderful organization to donate to.

Dawnie said...

a wonderful post Julie so thankyou for flying the APS flag. We need more people to suoort local shelters and this non profit, non government funded project needs all the help they can get.
Super pics too.


Dot said...

Oh I would have wanted to take the doggy in the last photo home. Thankyou for advertising the shelter. I am sure the publicity will help.

Bless you for your generous heart.

Dotee xx

One Crabapple said...

Jules it amazes me how much love you have to go around. You have so many kids at home that you pour love into and now being here doing this. I am proud of You !!!