Sunday, April 06, 2008

From the Ugly Duckling ...

Or in this case, from Sylvester the Cavalier puppy...came Archer. Cleaning out the laundry cupboard yesterday I came across these photographs - put there with puppy food (and other long gone items) the night Archer came into my life.
Archers original family gave me these from the breeder - where Archer was known as Sylvester! See him in the middle of the litter? I don't think anyone seeing a Cav puppy, without one of its parents as an example, could anticipate the beauty to come.
Archer was 11 months when he joined our family, and has now been here 11 months. In some ways it seems like forever, and in others he is still so much a new chum - only Harvey's newness serves to remind me of the difference.
It is nice to know that this part of his journey will be the longest... Off to hug my handsome boy!


Dot said...

Oh....what lovely photo's Julie. A sight to warm anyone's heart.

Love the smoochy photo of him and Archer and the last photo has be wanting to smooch his little head.

Give Archer a hug from me too!

Dot said...

P.S I think the name Archer suits him much better than Sylvester.

Betzie said...

Archer is precious Julie! He is so well broken in his coloring too and has a nice symmetrical blaze...tris are the hardest to breed!
I'm on puppy watch this coming weekend! Spring babies area always my favorite!!!