Saturday, December 29, 2007

Gifts Galore.

This beautiful little collage was a gift from the talented Dawn. If you want to find out about that delicious background then look for the reference to potato chips on Dawn's blog.
One of the added Christmas blessings was being spoilt by gifts galore. I won't bore you with pictures of my food processor, if you are a local friend you may get to taste the results, you may even join me on a picnic where we will use my new picnic basket. It was the year of the cat, and I received a beautiful porcelain cat, cat bowls, cat calendar and more. I love the strange serendipity of Christmas gifts.
I remember the year as a child where I received three watches, and the year of heart lockets, the year of note paper and the year of tea towels. I remember the year of petticoats (if only the Grandma's and Aunties knew I wore them as dresses and felt like a princess). There was the year of cutlery and the year of car accessories. Some of these 'years' match with trends and interests, others don't. Each giver spent ages choosing a gift and thought that they would be unique, so of course - even as a child - the gift were valued. Have you had a 'Year Of ...'?
These two art dolls were from Dotee: Henny House and Feelings.
When I picked up Henny I smiled and looked around for someone to share her with (Archer obliged,but was disappointed to only get a look). When I opened Feelings I paused to look within. Later I reflected that it was the essence of the artist that led to two quite simple dolls changing my feelings and emotions. Thank you Dotee.

This beautiful jewellery was a gift from my Aunty, in England, and was made by her grand daughter (does that make Rachel a second cousin?). Anyway, my wardrobe is bulging with purple clothes and I just ordered a pair of purple shoes, so I am sure these will get a lot of wear.

There are so many gifts I could blog, and when I get broadband (very soon) then that will become easier. For now know that I appreciate each and every piece of art I receive.
I am always blown away by the gifts I receive, those chosen with loving care and those created from the heart.


Still Waters Studio said...

I tried Dawn's potato chip patina and all I got was green chips and clean copper. Maybe I did something wrong.
Your gifts are beautiful. I love Dotee's dolls.
The past few years for me have been the Year of the Power Tools, also some lingerie and a massage gift certif. thrown in. My husband knows what I like.

One Crabapple said...

Heres to P U R P L E !! (the necklace and earrings came out beautiful)

Heres to Broadband ! (oh yes my life is about to get easier too ! Friday is no more dial up day !)

and Heres to Dotee's dolls (of course I knew as soon as I saw them !) and Dawns sweet collage.

Fun to see your wonderful gifts !


I like the House Head doll....she just looks like your rusty house shaped journals....Well , that is what it reminded me of. She is darling and full of "essence" as you said and very original !!