Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Blissful Times

I have had my lovely friend Dawn to stay over the past weekend and more. What a treat to spend so much quality time with an art buddy, and particularly one with such a very generous heart. Even more, one whose body clock matched mine: afternoon naps, late nights and a sleep in every morning – bliss.
It was my birthday over the weekend and I took the opportunity to have family and close friends join me for a cheap and cheerful meal at the local Squid Shack; Dawn’s sweet and friendly family (who were camping just our of town) joined us too. My neice showed off her new shoes, as my Dad begged left overs. No, no, he was not hungry – just delighted to see L throw the chips for seagulls braving the cold weather outside.
I was blessed with many delightful gifts (always an unexpected surprise at 37) including the stunning quilt above. This is my friend Kerry’s very first patchwork effort! Yep, I am speechless too.
Archer and Phantom adored Dawnie, and it was a blessing to watch someone else delight in their affection and antics – hilarious too when Archer scoped out Dawn’s icicle dolls and selected one for himself. It was rescued very quickly and no beads were ingested.
Charles was shy and as Dawn spent time with her family on Monday he squeezed in a weekends worth of cuddles. I was trying to list some scrummy house shaped buckles on my etsy with him smooching on my lap. Definitely not items from a pet free home, but hopefully still hair free!
So much more to tell, and art to share, however I HAVE to take my list and go forth in search of several errant Christmas gifts; the 'just right item' to complete my packages.


Still Waters Studio said...

HaPpY bIrThDaY! Beautiful goodies that you received for a beautiful person...inside and out.
Be blessed.

Me said...

I turned 37 at the end of Nov. We are very close.

It sounds like you had a fabulous birthday.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Julie, what fabulous gifts. Charles looks so very handsome in these photos. Take care from Charmaine xxx

Dot said...

So glad you got to spend quality time with our dear Dawnie. Kerry's patchwork quilt is lovely and I am glad you received well deserved gifts. Glad you were able to rescue one of Dawnie's icicle dolls from Mr Munchie. Archer obviously recognises good art when he sees it!!