Sunday, December 02, 2007

Gifts from the heart

on etsy
My lovely friend Kim sent Halloween to Australia for the second year. Do you see the candy corn socks and ribbon? My first candy corn experience, in 2006, was bliss. Love the button and trim, ummm... but I might have enough spiders :) . Kim and I are doing a special swap at the moment - I am looking forward to sharing the results.
Nikki blew me away with the time that went into this Box of Chocolates; each of the little books has quotes about chocolate, for example: Man can not live on chocolate alone; but woman sure can.
The guarantee on the back cracked me up: All chocolates are guaranteed to give hours of amusement and are 100% calorie free. Enjoy as often as required. Please store in a cool dry place away from Clever but Cute Cavalier Spaniels and Aiding and Abetting Cats. Containers no Macadamia Nuts (cos a nut takes up space where a chocolate should be). Just precious.
This classy box came from my friend Kylie and now is home to my 'business cards' - yep, you heard right. I am often asked when wearing my jewellery if I have 'a card', so I made some and try to remember to have one in my purse. Makes me feel like a bit of a Diva.
This box came from the talented Carmel. At the moment it has some of my favourite metal buttons in it. Not sure if that will be its 'forever job'.


Doreen G said...

Oh Julie I need chokkies like those ones

dogfaeriex5 said...

glad you love your halloween know i just adore you miss julie...

Ro Bruhn said...

What a great selection, love all the boxes

Still Waters Studio said...

Cool gifts. I think I really like this swap thing.
I really like the new necklace. I checked it out on etsy and added you to my favorites.

MaryB said...

I love the new necklace. I was at a bead Expo yesterday, and I wore the necklace I purchased from you. I got a lot of compliments!! I love wearing something that nobody else has.
Well of course you should carry your cards, if I'd meet you on the street and see your jewelry, I'd also ask for your card.
You're getting lots of mail goodies. Good for you!! Have a great week.

Dot said...

As usual your posts are candy for the soul!These earrings are gorgeous. Love the combination of blues and rusts. Very effective.

And the gifts you have received are lovely. I have been the lucky recipient of a Halloween parcel from Kim so I know how blessed are!

Nikki has a great sense of humor. I agree with her about the chocolate thing :)

The box from Kylie is stunning as is the one from talented Carmel. You deserve to have yoru mail box full of art and love every day.

Much love to you

Dotee xoxo

Dawnie said...

WOW WOW WOW A wonderful post ! So many great things you lucky girl.Love Ky box and Carmels is super.Now didnt Nikki go all out with the choc box.Very cool indeed.
Glad to hear you have your bussiness cards sorted. That WAS a must.
See you soon. woohoo

Dawnie xxx

kelsey said...

What a fantastic mail-treat time you've had Julie! Those boxes are just wonderful and how clever and inspirational are our West Aussies!

Steph said...

You sure have been spoiled ! ;)
Love the earrings!

Sue Smith said...

Wow, Julie, what fantastic gifts you've been receiving! It must be exciting to open mail with such wonderful surprises inside! I'm so glad you're being blessed in such an amazing way.

jessica said...

such nice goodies.