Saturday, November 10, 2007

Trading Treasure

I lugged this lot out to the verge this morning, and tried not to be irritated by neighbours scavenging before I had my pile just so. After all, I am planning on driving around a few streets just to see if there are any pet baskets or suitcases lying around. Naturally I lifted too much and did something to my neck, so decided to head inside to put away all the art goodies I bought last weekend.
I was just about to dash back out for more storage containers when I realised I had more charms, stampings and bits than I will uses in several life times. I am a dreadful shopper - always buying in bulk - after all it is cheaper - umm, not if I just keep the goodies. I have started listing some items - mostly in mixed bags - on my Etsy. Hopefully some of you will make my excesses your treasure.


Steph said...

some great stuff you are "getting rid of" ... you sure you won't miss them ??? Bought some goodies today and like you when I put the away I realised I have soooo many things ... but for now I can't let them go ... ;)

Sarah Nopp said...

As long as you can keep the 'stuff' tidy and organized, it is not too much. Just think of all the saving you have made by keeping those treasures and not buying individually! And think of all the packaging you would have had to discard. It is greener to buy in bulk.

Dot said...

Sounds like you are havinga big clean out my friend! I am sure your 'excess' goodies will sell very well.

Hope your neck is OK now...