Monday, November 12, 2007

Play Time

On Saturday as I was cleaning and sorting in the art room I kept coming across little bits and pieces that were in the wrong containers, did I put them in the right containers? No. I started to play. I thoroughly enjoyed losing myself in the little pieces.

I have a few pieces of jewellery on my Etsy, with the excess of embellishments I have begun to list. But, I think the focus on paper has come from jewellery commissions I have to complete this week. Does that make sense? I read Misty’s latest post and thought, oh yes, that is me – best under pressure and last minute … now if only I could create art which ‘talks’ like hers.

By the way, I don’t normally use family pictures in my work, but the three little boys in the top ATC’s are my Dad and two of his brothers! Weren’t they cute?


Janet said...

Oh, I think your art "talks" and it says "I'm unique and wonderful"

These pieces are some of my favorites....until you make the next ones, I'm sure!

Gunnels blog said...

Every time you are having a playtime, you are doing so lovely thing!

If you give me your address, I will give a little gift to you during the next 365 days, you can find my e- mail in my profil at my blog!

Beth said...

These are ATC's ??? Well, they are just fabulous !!! I love them. The sepia colors are just the best !!!

Natalie B said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! These are just totally wonderful :-)

misty said...

Hi Julie, I love the work you have been creating...these latest pieces are just wonderful!!!

How scary it must have been with Archer. I am glad to hear he is feeling better. I had never heard that macadamias are toxic for dogs...thank you so much for sharing that. I will spread the word. xo

Still Waters Studio said...

Your work always speaks to me. I love the way that you bring together the different elements and age them and choose just the right words to go along with them. I'll have to check out your etsy listings.

Jen Crossley said...

WOW Julie these are totally amazing I love them to bits!!!! you have outdone youself girl.
This is how I work under pressure and trying to clean up my table

Dot said...

Julie - your ATC's are always my very favorite of ANY I see. Full of character and interest. These are INCREDIBLE. Ands I love how you have used family pictures. Your dad and his brothers were very cute!

You make vintage style so interesting and unique. I want to reach out through the screen and touch them!!

L-INKed to paper said...

Wow! these are really great, you have amazing talent Julie and you never cease to inspire me, so thank you for sharing such gifts with us and keeping us all up to date with the fur babies tales of adventure!Lots of love from Charmaine xx

Ro Bruhn said...

Fabulous ATC's Julie, love them, the 'seriously' one is divine

Sue Smith said...

Hi Julie,

I often visit your blog, but have been remiss in leaving comments. Haven't seen you in ages. Not long 'til holidays!

I think your work is fantastically amazing! Very inspirational.

Holly Loves Art said...

Hi Julie,
It's interesting how we see other people's art and feel that ours should "speak" more like theirs... or something like that. But yours DOES do that to me... to everyone here who has left a comment... you art always touches us. Your art is very emotional and beautiful and special, just like you. Love these... and happy to see family members. I enjoy using old family photos in some of my pieces from time to time too.

Keep up the beautiful work.

jessica said...

great pieces.
love the placing of the pictures and expression words.

Janine said...

These are all gorgeous.. and how lucky am I to be the recipient of one of these little treasures!


christine said...

These are really beautiful - what rich color - Love them :)

Debbi Baker said...

Your ATCs are "seriously" awesome Julie!! So rich and detailed, I agree with Dot - they look so tactile. Thanks for the link to Sherry's blog - what a pleasure that has been for me as an after-work blog read before the cook dinner routine! PS Absolutely love the spider post too, especially the "note to self"!!