Monday, November 05, 2007

Macadamia Toxicity in Dogs

I heard that Macadamias were bad for dogs, just as I had heard that onions and chocolate were bad for dogs. Our farm dogs ate a lot of Mum’s stew (full of onions) and were healthy old darlings. Most of us have snuck a piece of chocolate to our dog and it has been fine too. As few as 6 macadamias can send a dog into toxic shock.

On Saturday my fridge moved on to that great hole above which the seagulls circle, after 19 long years of service. It was a sudden end. My brother lent me his old fridge so I would have time to choose a new one – what a star! I dashed out to replace my vegies without securing the house from the canine Hoover. He found a bag of macadamias on a side table – and I guess the smell called him; he ate a lot, about a cup and a half!

By early evening Archer was choosing bed not my company. By late evening he was staggering his back legs unable to hold his weight, had a temperature of 39 deg C (yep I have a doggy thermometer for that place) and his little body was wracked with tremors. I Googled the Macadamia nuts and was shocked to read that this was a normal reaction. A late night trip to my vet was frustrating – the vet on call-out had not heard of the problem and could not get any information from sources she considered reliable.

A chat to my regular vet this morning has confirmed my reading from last night. I must keep Archer’s temperature down (to prevent organ failure), or he has to go in and be on a drip. The rear end paralysis/weakness, tremors and major signs will resolve themselves with 48 hours. The associated depression could last a little longer! Lucky for Arch’ the garbage guts had actually swallowed most of the nuts whole – don’t ask me how I know that, but as he can’t hold his own back end up to ….

As we come up to Christmas with bowls of nuts sitting around at parties this becomes a real risk. My past posts have led me to a sisterhood of doggy Mums who despair at their eating habits. Please take care and let anyone with a dog know about this one.


megan said...

Sending some healing thoughts for a speedy recovery - I did not know that about the nuts.

Natalie B said...

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!! OK will have to keep Rosie away from those!! Wow they truly are garbage guts doggies. Tubes of paint they like too!! Good thing I ripped the paint out of her mouth before she could get too much in there!! Hope Archer is better very soon :-)

Doreen G said...

Poor Archer --I hope he is better soon Julie.

Janine said...

Oh Julie... another thing to add to the list! These Cavs are true garbage guts.... only yesterday Baillie was chewing on some sort of plant pod and when I got to him to get it he promptly swallowed it!

Please keep us updated on Archer's progress.


Janine said...

Julie, here is a link that I have which is useful for us dog lovers...,-Nuts,-and-Your-Dogs-Health----Foods-that-Fido-should-Avoid&id=20315

Me said...


L-INKed to paper said...

Hi Julie, what a surprise to find out this information, thank you so much for posting it. I was sat under our huge macadamia tree yesterday cracking open nuts for everyone and I gave one to our little dog too, I'm glad I didn't give him any more. I hope Archer gets better soon, take care and thanks again for the nut alert! Charmaine xx

Steph said...

Ooooooooooooh is he ok now ? I do hope so !

Dot said...

Oh my goodness Julie!! I am so sorry I haven't visited your blog for a few days. Thanks for the email prompting me to do so.

I had no idea that Macadamia nuts were toxic for dogs! I am sending lots of healing energy your way to dear, dear Archer.

How scary for you dear one. I know he is very precious to you (as are all your fur babies). You are such a good doggy and cat mama. And I know you will nurse Archer back to good health.

Much, much love

Dotee xoxo

Janet said...

Poor little Archer. He looks so sad. I hope he's feeling much better by now. I had a couple of chuckles as I read this! I can envision the thermometer episode as well as the whole nuts!! Even in a crisis you still need a sense of humor.