Monday, September 28, 2009

The vintage is out of my system, for now...

A 1-4-1 swap on an Aussie art group I belong to. 4 x 4" canvas boards painted, inked and embellished for Lucy.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Take a couple of old hair scrunchies,

.. some old files from the recycling bin, three ink pads and a handful of images. What do you have? A couple of weeks of relaxation, time to fiddle and arrange, without really thinking, after long, long days at work.
At the end I wondered what to do with my offerings, so thee ATC's became notebooks - I am so glad I bought the Zutter.
Cards and tags will be packaged together and, "Voila!", some of my Christmas preparations are made. Nice cards are so expensive here in Australia and packs of hand made tags will be appreciated too.
I have been soothed by my needle going in and out of paper, calmed by the rhythm of my brush as it dances between ink pads adding a little colour here and there and strengthened by the time to be inside my head.
Would you like an ATC? No need to trade, just ask. If you are one of the first three I will send you one.
Thank you Jesus, for the peace I feel today. Thank you friends for being there for me through the hours, days or years.
Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Just Sharing...

Another crazy couple of weeks and yet I have still managed some creative time and a laugh or two (usually at myself) so all is well in life. Many thanks to all of you who commented on the earrings in my last post, I am often uncertain when I try new things, this weekend I am aiming to do some more in a similar style. However, for this past week or so it has been back to paper and pieces of history floating on my desk.
One of these giant pegs has gone to a new home as a result of a monthly 1-4-1 swap I am a part of, the others will reappear at Christmas.
A page from an Altered Book Round Robin with the theme Still Life.
A breath of spring; the print I was blessed to receive from Julia's blog give-away.
Tags made for no reason other than the fact I felt like playing wi th paper and thread.
A rare picture: Charles and Phantom keeping each other warm on a cold morning.