Saturday, July 18, 2009

Snippets from an Enchanted Wintery Week

Beautiful metal and mother of pearl buttons selected from a huge basket, in a local op-shop; you would have laughed to see me cross-legged on the floor surrounded by mounds of little plastic bags, I laughed at myself. The precious friend I was with smiled to see me happy as she browsed among clothes. The cost of these little treasures, $2!
Of course we could not visit just one store, or select one treasure, somehow by the end of the day I had spent the princely sum of $12 and had ties, fabric scraps, tortoise shell knitting needles, a little set of drawers, coasters, books, toast racks and more. Why toast racks? they are the best for standing my board journal covers in when they need to dry and I don't want to spread throughout the entire house.
Sweet Harvey who played happily with the cord from a skirt carelessly thrown on the top part of his tower.
Charles, who seems to get prettier as he gets older was rolling in the sun, delighting in the rare rays coming though the glass doors.
Phantom asleep, apparently comfortable on top of the little garden shed, able to keep an eye on all of us, and claim he had been outside for some fresh air.
My darling niece calling, "Come and find me!" as I stood not two meters away folding washing. Of course I indulged her and searched the whole garden before finding her in among my dry washing.
The same niece delighting in the large tub of plastic beads we spent hours stringing. Butterfly bracelets came first (one for L and one for her best friend S), then a bracelet for Gran (Shhh, don't tell her, it's a 'prise), a key ring for Daddy, a necklace for L and then a necklace Mummy and S can share(?)!
A little happy creativity, some different brighter colours - Winter you won't make me grey!
See Mum, I told you I look best in the morning sunlight, I really am orange you know.
Do Pelicans flirt? I am sure this one was as Archer and I went for a bracing walk along the foreshore.
Why didn't you tell me it was cold? What do you mean I smell? It's the weed that smells not me, promise...

I am going to shelter under the jetty, perhaps you should go inside for yet another cup of steaming tea, or hot coffee, another chat with neglected friends, another play with a borrowed child, another quiet hour in the cave, another enchanted moment.


Kath said...

Lovely photos Julie, my mouth was watering at all those yummee buttons!! Kath in England

Doreen G said...

What a great days shopping Julie I can just see you on the floor with all those buttons great therapy I reckon.

Jacky said...

Life is good Julie...looks like you have been have a wonderful time with your niece making lots of pressies for everyone!!!
Gorgeous photos of your lovely annimals and the pelican...all looking happy and healthy in the sunshine.
Love the colours of new winter journal...definately no greyness there!

Jacky xox

Steph said...

I enjoyed this post! Love the treasures you found! Your niece is lucky to have an aunt like you !
Love the pictures of your fur babies!

Sam Marshall said...

Gorgeous photos,Julie. I love the wonderful treasures you found.Your journal looks wonderful, too.

Jeanie said...

I love this post! Buttons and kitties. What's not to love?! Great finds!

Ro Bruhn said...

What a great button find, our op shops know people are collecting them so their price has risen dramatically. What a great use for the toast rack too, I hope you don't mind if I borrow the idea.

Still Waters Studio said...

What a lovely day. You did at least 3 of my favorite activities; going to an op-shop, playing with borrowed children, and walking on the sea shore.
I like the idea of the plastic bead bin so that my little visitors won't want to take home all of my special beads.

Julia said...

Hi Julia,
Thanks for your visit,to my new look blog..
By the way,(your parcel will be on its way today), ...I do hope you like it.
I love your idea of the toast rack...I often have papers everywhere too.,..
I was at the local op shop doing the same thing with buttons, and the lady at the counter was sighing at me, as I took so long deciding on buttons, but they have put such a heavy price on them now as Ro said, I didnt want to waste my

Dot said...

Hi Julie
I can picture you sifting through the buttons too! Gorgeous photo's of the kitties and Arch. Harvey looks very beautiful in the sunlight (am rather partial to him if you hadn't noticed).
And I am sure your niece had a wonderful time with you. Giggled at the sight of her legs in amongst the washing!
Ronnie and Essie say hi. Am looking for a frame to frame the lovely photo you took of them when you visited. To hang with pride in my new home
Dotee xoxo

mandyann2000 said...

Oh, I love the peridot rosebud earrings!! And your pets are adorable!