Saturday, July 11, 2009

Harvey Here

Harvey here, She says you have been asking about me so She needs photo's - yawn! Normally a yawn is a non-event, and I was more concerned about cooling down on the floorboards after too long in front of my heater, than discussing a yawn. But She says my teeth are looking good, and I guess she would know, it is just over a year since she paid a man to take the rest out and then didn't want to bring them home.
I have lived here a year and a half now and I am very healthy, She says I getting cuddly, I hope she's not getting any ideas about picking me up. That enormous black and white cat likes being picked up, so does Archer, must be a colour thing... The food's good here , I really like Indian bread with a little dal or curry spread on it, or vegemite and butter on toast, but I don't get those much. Dry bickies in the morning and chicken porridge or mince for tea, She has given up trying to figure out which one I want and just gives me both. Phantom will eat the one I leave behind.
Archer is still my best buddy, he protects me from the big sucking machine and keeps an eye out for me. I play chase with him during the day and when he is asleep at night I play with Charles, wouldn't want to hurt the young fellow's feelings. He worries so much. Look at him here, watching us both, she is chatting away to me and I am considering checking out those ridiculous socks she wears at night.
The socks were not tasty at all so I would really have liked a pre-supper nap . I like to sleep. And still she has that camera out flashing away, really, I am six and a half now, I need my sleep. Do you see how Archer is right here too. This post is all about me, so one face photo and one with the tip of his feet is more than enough.
It doesn't look like she is going to let stop, next she will want to check my ears and squirt the cold stinky stuff on my neck, gosh she may even want to take me back to the tooth man for a check up. I think there is some cheese in my bowl, perhaps I will get up. In a minute...

I look more handsome in the mornings with the sun shining on my freshly groomed hair, this lighting is not good for me, I'll pose a bit later in the week and see if She notices.


Kath said...

What beautiful pets! I did smile at the cat in the comfy basket and the dog on the hard floor. Cats always seem to be the boss, don't you find!

Dot said... heart is melting at the sight of photo's of Harvey and Archer!

Harvey - you look very healthy and happy now. My - what a change from the boy you were when your mama first took you home. And your remaining teef look great!
So glad Julie brought you into her home and that your mate Archer continues to love you.
And you look very comfy in the last two photo's of this post.
Lots of love from Aunty Dotee xx
P.S I like your mama's socks!

Jacky said...

Gorgeous Harvey...I did chuckle reading this post. He is a very handsome, healthy kitty cat these days

Jacky xox

Still Waters Studio said...

If I believed there was such a thing as reincarnation, I would want to come back as one of your animals. What contented, loved creatures they are!
I love the beautiful ATC's and the notebooks are gorgeous too!

Holly Loves Art said...

What a sweet little post. Both of your four-leggeds are so beautiful! Albie says hello!

Lost Aussie said...

Too funny, but I'm sure that's the exact sort of conversation my lot have what the heck is she doing? and where is the FOOD!

Gaby Bee said...

What a nice post! You make me smile. Great snapshots, Julie!

Jeanie said...

Oh, Julie -- Harvey looks so very much like my dear Stimpy to whom we said goodbye 4 years ago this Sunday. How I miss him. Yours looks as loving as Stimpy, and your dog is beautiful, too!

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