Monday, February 18, 2008

Sunday Sun and Fun with Friends

"Don't make me pose Mum, I want to run and run and run some more..."
"Mum why does Archer like the beach, it is dirty here, my toes are gritty?"

"Perhaps if I stand on the weed..."

"Walking a straight line is a bit tricky just here."



wow, what a beautiful beach, and looooove your dogs.

Also a big thankyou for leaving a comment on my blog.

Dawnie said...

Your beach looks divine Arch.Your mummy takes a pretty cool pic dont ya think.Not a bad day out as I know it was topped of with a bath and blowdry.Sending a wave to Glady


Kiss and cuddle you soon little man
smooch ya mama for me and sending a wave to Glady.
ME xxx

Dawnie said...

Yes that was two waves and now a hug to glady.

Me xxx

Holly Loves Art said...

Oh what wonderful pictures!!! Cute little narration too. Happy joy... I love this!

Cat said...

What a beautiful day!

On a vacation to the Oregon coast a few years ago my husband was off on the jetty fishing and the boys and I and dog Blue were walking and walking and eventually draging thru the sand for hours. Blue was tail down tired out posture. My son started kicking his feet in the sand and after a bit up popped an old tennis ball. Blue saw it and went balistic with joy! Treasure!

kelsey said...

Love the pictorial commentary Julie! Now you just need to work out how to add little "talk boxes" like in the

Still Waters Studio said...

Talk boxes would be cute. Please excuse me if I'm slightly envious of your day at the ocean.
Lovely pictures.

Janet said...

I wish I had that beach close by so I could walk there. Looks as if you and the dogs had fun and enjoyed your day....even if some toes did get a little gritty!!

Jen Crossley said...

Archer is so cool a talking dog who would of thought??

Dot said...

I love your photo's and I love Archer's ' comments' too! One day soon I will be walking on this beach with you and Archer (yay).

Thanks for the email you sent to me at work. And for your support. Haven't been to work since Tuesday due to illness so haven't been able to reply to it.

Love you (very much).

Dotee xoxo

Megan P said...

Looks like a wonderful stretch of ocean Julie - love the four legged ones.