Sunday, May 16, 2010

Feeling productive, and enjoying it.

Nature's Evening available on Etsy
A friend recently encouraged me to share in a Mother's Day stall and I was so thrilled to sell some of my journals and jewellery. My goal is to be more proactive in this area as I really do need to get rid of my mortgage if am to have the freedom I want to move in other areas. Pray for wisdom as I make decisions for the future, please. (Update: Sorry to have confused some people, the 'other areas' are not art ones, but more voluntary work with some kids who need help - I love my art but not planning on going full-time w ith it).
A Thankful Heart available on Etsy

Another scarf, this one a Pink Girl's Dream for a good friend's birthday. Lace, chiffon and flannel are threaded though a soft wool acrylic blend. I am not a 'pink girl', but the end result is solf and romantic so hopefully it will be well received.
Sweet boy sitting with me as I photograph the bracelets, not so sweet to smell at the moment so I predict a bath coming up very soon.


Melissa said...

Oh - I will pray that you can make wise decisions - sometimes it is hard, isn't it?

BTW I got your package!! I love my little doll and I foresee making something with the covered wagons for C she loves them.

The itty bitty rusty clothes pins are begging for something unique and I love the cross...

There are so many really neat goodies - thank you so much!!

BTW the nice thing about the scarf is it isn't pinky-pink and it has some warm brown tones that bring it down to earth.

Samantha Marshall said...

Beautiful, Julie. Love the bling and the lovely scarf.

Doreen G said...

Fantastic bracelets Julie-brilliantly photographed by the way.
The scarf is great as well and as for the little one c u t e.

Emerald Window said...

Great Bracelets!
I am also trying to make decisions about my future and my artwork. Wish I could get rid of my mortgage, but I'd have to be selling to movie stars to make that kind of money. Wouldn't it be great if artists and gardeners were actually paid what they were worth?

dogfaeriex5 said...

as always i am loving your jewelry and the new fibers you are working!! stunning, i am a new one at knitting, a real beginner, still practicing but i am in love with it all...xoxoxo~kim
hugs to the furry ones as always...

Jeanie said...

You HAVE been productive -- these are absolutely stunning!

A friend of mine breeds King Charles. They're wonderful dogs!

Narrative jewelry said...

The bracelets are simply gorgeous Julie, especially the first one (that's my opinion :-) Really love the colours you used in it.
Beautiful new scarf too, it surely takes zillion hours to make such a beauty.
Thanks for sharing a photo of little sweet boy, he is really a lovely baby.

Gaby Bee said...

Oh Julie, you made so many beautiful things since my last visit. These bracelets are truly amazing. The scarf is fabulous also! You are such a talented lady!
Have a wonderful week!
Hugs, Gaby

Queen Of Toys said...


Love the scarf it looks amazing and looooove the bracelet too.

mary said...

Love the picturee of your dog, my daughter has 2 female cavalier king charles spaniels they are so good with the kids,

Sarah Hall said...

These bracelets look great! I am aslo loving the picture of your dog:) I am currently working on a custom writing paper that should be submitted shortly!