Friday, February 06, 2009

Practical Creativitity

I needed a handful of thank you cards and was very tempted to go out an buy some, but common sense prevailed. On my desk was a stack of card, embossed on my friends' brand new Cuttlebug, and plenty of bits and pieces. I painted some of the card with verdigris paint, and activator, then lightly sanded it back.
These corrugated iron and number backgrounds are the result. I have a container of rusted and verdigrised shapes on my desk - just in case. The birds were once metallic red and the rectangle shaped piece a cheap plastic. So a few laps with the sewing machine, some scraps of fabric and the top four were complete.
Another few sheets of embossed card were painted with cream paint and sanded back, then a light wash of paint applied. It was good to finally use some of these pre-cut window cards (I am sure I had the small ones for a decade), even if I did decide to completely paint over most of them.

A lovely local salesman has organised a new car for me, it should arrive in the next week. It will be soooooooooo good to have my own wheels again, I had not realised how dependent I am on that freedom.


Gaby Bee said...

Wow, you are busy. Love your new creations. You choose colour so well and compose all of the elements to perfection. Great!
Have a wondrous and magical day!
Gaby xo

MiniBear said...

Love your work!
I hope you get the car soon.
I visited WA about 20 years ago..good memories of the places I saw - just scratching the surface - although it was a sad time too.
Anji in Stockport, UK

lindacreates said...

Beautiful cards, lucky recipients! I hope they appreciate all of the hard work you put into them. I am so happy that you are getting a car~!!!!!!

Holly Loves Art said...

These are all so beautiful! I am like you in that I find it difficult to purchase cards. I rarely sit down and just make several at a time though. I love this idea! Something else to add to my list of fun things to try!!

Sam Marshall said...

These are fantastic! Love the embossing.

Megan P said...

Very productive and resourceful Julie, with such beautiful results and Yay about the car. I still can't believe someone took it right from under your nose!

Jen Crossley said...

You have been busy Julie The cards are beautiful
Glad your getting a new car :}

Still Waters Studio said...

I've been reading the news of the fires in Australia. I hope that they are far away from you and my prayers are with the people there.
Have a blessed day.

dogfaeriex5 said...

hi girfriend~
glad to hear that you are about to get a set of new wheels! it is hard to believe how much we depend on things, isnt it...hope you are doing well and are safe..your beautiful country is in our thoughts and prayers...xo
ps..hugs to the furry ones