Thursday, November 27, 2008

Starting Christmas ...

Some time ago I asked my friend Dotee if she could make me some faces for Dotee Dolls, very kindly she did so (If you want some pop to her Etsy where she has whole kits for sale). After spending quite some time picking fabrics I started to stitch, planning on making these as a mobile for a friend.
Somehow they began to get a festive feel and now these Christmas Dotees will be given as very special ornaments to brighten a tree at Christmas, and perhaps for the rest of the year too.
I recently bought a cat tunnel, thinking Harvey (who is indoors all day) would like it. Poor Harvey has hardly been allowed in, Charles has adopted the tunnel - complete with its catnip sprinkles and has even managed to move it with him from room to room.


Sam Marshall said...

Your mobile is absolutely amazing!!! Soooo beautiful.

Dot said...

I love what you have done with the Dotee doll faces! (thanks very much for mentioning my Etsy shop).

Your friends will love them.

And I smiled as soon as I saw the pic of Charles in his cat tunnel. You are very thoughtful to buy it for inside boy Harvey - looks like Charles thinks it's his now!

Sending much love to you.

Dotee xoxo

kelsey said...

I too love your little Dotee dolls, very festive looking.

Looks like you're going to be in need of two cat tunnels! Unless Charles thinks that one is his main residence and the other a holiday home! lol

Genevieve said...

Dotee Dolls, Dotee Dolls, Dotee all the way, oh what fun it is to see Dotee Dolls on display!

Great work Julie.


Me said...
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Me said...

the bit about charles moving the tunnel is too funny

Janet said...

Your Dotee doll ornaments are so cute! When I first saw them I thought you were displaying ones from Dot herself!

The cat tunnel seems to be a big hit! My kitties would love it. They like to crawl into anything snug and private.

Dawnie said...

beautiful they are those Dotee dolls and love the pic of the mister fluffy himself. Makes me want to scratch a fluffy tummy !

Gaby Bee said...

These Dotee dolls are adorable. A really fabulous collection. Love the pic of your cat also. Simply cute!

Jacky said...

So pleased you have some time to create now Julie (always nice to clear a bit of space on our work tables).

Love the picutre of Charles in "his" tunnel, he looks very happy and pleased with himself.

The Dotee Dolls for the friends mobile are beautiful and will make a wonderful gift Julie.