Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bits and Pieces

I made the notebooks above using some of my scrap paint backgrounds and my Zutter (current favourite tool) for the binding. Quick easy and satisfying.
The bag on my left is a "Just because ..." gift from my friend Ky and her Mum. It is a bag which folds down into a pocket on the front and is one of a collection they have made for the Animal Protection Society fundraiser. I am so blessed to have received this, and in a work week that has had some particularly difficult times it was especially nice to come home to. The dollies there will appear listed in my Etsy just as soon as I get time.

This wonderful copper (and you know how much I love copper) collage is my INKrediblyRt Mystery Muse gift from Vanessa. I keep running my fingers over that embossed background.
I couldn't resist this picture of Phantom and Harvey - but I get the impression Harvey wishes I had :)
I am hoping the shame of having a blog photo up revealing my dirty windows might also make me clean them...I will let you know how I go w ith that one.
Enjoy the weekend.


Me said...

Beautiful goodies as always.

Your windows are no worse than mine.

Debbi Baker said...

What a glorious post - so full of beauty! Hoping you aren't all awarded out - I've just passed on a blogging award to you - no obligation "to play" but details are on my blog!

Genevieve said...

Such delicious stuff Julie! Love the notebooks and I know how you feel about the windows - I was forced into cleaning mine due to the imminent arrival of the new glass for the extension!

Fiomone will be in the post Monday.


Dot said...

This is a beautiful post Julie. I think these new notebooks are some of your nicest (and that is saying something!).

Such beautiful and textures.

The Mystery Muse from Vanessa is lovely. What a beautiful embossed background!

And I LOVE the photo of Phantom and Harvey. A snapshot of your home life. Harvey looks like a different cat from the first day you brought him home. He looks so content and cuddly. I just want to smooch him!

Much love from me and the kitties.

Dotee xoxo

P.S Broadband is EASY to install - and once you try broadband you would never want to go back to dial up!

Gaby Bee said...

Your notebooks are amazing, Julie! Love the colorful backgrounds.
Vanessa's Mystery Muse Collage is fabulous also.
Thanks for sharing all this wonderful pics.
Gaby xo