Saturday, June 21, 2008

Harvey Here for a Chat

Mum's busy today, she has to clean and make some more earrings - you should have seen the smile on her face when both the pairs she made last weekend sold. I don't like the cleaning much, lots of strange noises and that roaring monster that finds me every time I hide.
I have been here just over six months now and there is lots to tell you.
I LOVE my Archer most of all, if he has been away even for his afternoon walk, I forget I am shy and run straight up for a smooch. I really really like television, I wish it could be on all day, I do like watching it even if I am the only one in the room. I like the heater, we all do. Here I am with Archer and you can see Phantom's Paws in the bottom of the picture.
I like it when Mum talks to me and when she gives me little pieces of cheese or yoghurt off her finger.
I do not like it when new people come, and I don't like it when things change. I really, really don't like having drops on my neck or in my ear.
I HATE peas.
I am thinking about going outside, I have been looking at the cat door for a while now, it worries Mum, but she wants me to be happy. I haven't made up my mind yet ... I think I will go look for Archer ...


Dot said...

Hello sweet Harvey.

It is Essie here. I am a black kittie and I was adopted from a shelter like you! And like you I don't like drops on my neck. When my mama puts worming treatment on my neck I run and hide.

It sounds like you have made a very special friend in Archer and I love seeing photo's of you two together (I giggled at Phantom's paws in the photo). I wish my kitty brother Ronnie would love me the way Archer loves you. I can tell you have a special friendship.

And I know you have the best mama(aside from mine of course) a kitty could have.

I used to be scared about being outside as I was an indoor kitty before coming to live with my mama. But now I LOVE being outside! I don't go far from home but it is nice to feel the wind in my fur. I highly recommend it. Sometimes I roll on the foot path when mum comes home cos I am so happy - to see her and to be outside.

As long as yout stay in your mama's yard and you will be happy and she will be too!

You could always be outside with Archer to protect you.

I think you are a brave boy and my mama has been telling me how you have settled into your new home. Your mama is so loving isn't she?

Sending much kitty love and meows your way.

Your cousin Esssie xoxo

P.S I don't like the roaring thing my mama uses either and always hide behind the curtains. Eeek!!

Jane P said...

Hi Harvey
Benny here from Perth. ( I belong to Jane P, and anyone that thinks I am cute!)
I hate peas too, and will only eat them when TD (the cat) looks like she wants them. I eat anything.....and just love it when someone visitors leave food neglected for 10 seconds....I am in the zone.
I do love this new beading craze that Jane has...Leaves the most amazing coloured doggy do's....I am a bit of a trend setter!

Janet said...

Hello from LuLu and Harley! We don't like that noisy monster either but luckily our mom doesn't use it much!! We don't have a cat door so we must be content to just look at the outside. But that's ok. We know we're safe inside and mom feeds us lots of good things. No peas though!!

One Crabapple said...

oh this little Harvey Update is really wonderful !
You have such a knack for it , writing thru Harvey's eyes , telling us all the bits we would like to know.

I hate peas too Harv, unless they are creamed up in a soup that has been seasoned....

Lucky Duck to have a pal such as that Archer.

and you just don't worry about using that door.

Stay awhile longer in the house - with yer mum !

Love, S

Anonymous said...

Hi Harvey, this is Baxter, and my mum got me when I came out of intensive care as a foster mum, but I wanted to stay with her, so I made sure no one came to look at me. She loves me so much she named her blog after me. I had two cat sisters, and I was afraid of them. Spit those peas out, mate, they aren't meat. You know what I hate more that that sucky monster? Kids on skate boards. I want to eat them. They aren't made of peas.