Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A season of giving and receiving.

It was only after I photographed this pair that I realised they were not opposites - and had to rehang the roses :)

It has been too long since I blogged so I will load as many photo's as I can tonight.

My life is truly crazy at the moment, I am acting in a promotional position at work and loving the adrenalin that comes from stretching myself, learning new skills and conquering my emotional responses to high pressure situations. I am not even minding the looooonnnnnnggg hours or the cakes I cook to bribe, er encourage, my team to attend meetings.

At home, the heater died and a water pipe burst in the back yard so I have been co-ordinating tradesmen - aaaaaaagh, how is it they are never on time? Even, when I am the first one they come to in the morning. Is it part of tradesman school; How to Annoy the Client 101. I wish they could replace it with:
Putting the toilet seat down 101
Picking up your own Rubbish 102
Wiping your feet 103
That said it is nice to have some heating again, and time will tell if I made the right choice.

It was fun to draw balls on sterling silver wire to form the basis of these earrings - gifts
for three dear friends with birthdays in the same week, and another skill from Stephanie's class practiced.
My beautiful hand sewn owl and crocheted sari silk nest were my Art-of-the-Month
gift from Jacky. I was so excited when this little fellow arrived as I had 'lusted' after him on Jacky's blog - hoping he might wing this way.
The tin covers are another Etsy purchase and brighten my desk at school, the happy puppy is also a gift from Jacky - I just love his squishy nose!
Bright vintage style ATC's received from Gaby; I so enjoy swapping with this kind
overseas artist.
Cheerful ATC's from a swap with Doreen, very beautiful the felted card too. Thanks Doreen!
I'll try and get back later in the week to add links. oxo

Monday, August 10, 2009

I have been shopping on Etsy...

This is Paprika a darling little cat with her own personality, from here. Is she a gift? Or am I spoiling me?
Hand knitted cotton dish cloths, no chemicals, no plastic, no middle man eating up the profits. So I got a practical and useful bargain from here.
Pot holders, do you see my sad, faded and frayed old one in the middle? I bought it 20 years ago! I went to grab a pretty one from a chain store shelf a few weeks ago and stopped myself. If something is going to be in my home another 20 years I like the idea that it is a one-off made with care and in fair trade conditions. I got these ones here.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Bracelet - At Last

Yes, at last I have used the bezel making skills I learnt in Stephanie Lee's wonderful class back in march. This bracelet is a gift for a special person. Can't say who yet, as she may read my blog.
I was asked to make 200 "Gratefulness" tags for a wedding - all identical - so am surrounded by a sea of lavender card and lovely sage ink, while looking forward to doing something a bit more individual very soon.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

More Steampunk Earrings

As I post these I am chuckling to myself at the contrast between the grunge metal appearance and the Dancing Ladies a few posts back. I was over-the-moon when the two pairs of Dancing Ladies I listed sold fairly quickly - just love the thought of someone on the other side of the world wearing my art.

In case you are wondering the background here is a rusty old enamel tin I have sitting on my deck. It has holes in the bottom, and until now has been of no use other than holding the odd incense stick - and yet it is a favourite of mine.