Sunday, March 23, 2008

Are you feeling legless?

Ok, silly title I know, but it gets harder and harder to think of blog titles. These earrings are my latest design featuring antique bisque doll legs and ostrich egg trade beads. I love these, but no longer wear earrings so these will appear on my Etsy.

The legs are part of a lot I bought from Germany. Thuringia in Germany was home to a lot of bisque factories, and was especially known for its dolls. It was the habit of factory owners to bury their seconds so when World War One came many buried all their fired pieces, assuming they would come back to them. History tells us that depression followed and then the horrors of World War Two. All this time the doll parts lay underground. I am selling some of 'my' legs on Etsy and I know that Judy has some adorable little torso's on hers. (Update: Judy has cleared her Etsy presumably because she is headed off to Artfest to teach - woohoo another Aussie flies the flag).

It is a cool evening so I am off to make pumpkin soup - yummo!


Still Waters Studio said...

Those little doll parts keep popping up everywhere lately. I think they're adorable. Pumpkin soup sounds yummy too.

Steph said...

They're lovely ! Really like the wire wrapping !

Jen Crossley said...

WOW awesome Julie as always girl

Sulea said...

Funky earrings! :o) the blue under the wire is really nice..

Dot said...

Oh - these earrings are amazing!!! Loved reading the history of them.

Great news about Judy teaching at Artfest!