Monday, November 05, 2007

Art, Bargains, Gifts and an Update

Archer is sleeping happily on my lap, and seems to be well on the way to recovery so I thought I would share some goodies. The photo above demonstrates my families relatively new understanding of what makes me tick. The escutcheon, beautifully tarnished and genuinely old was a gift from my brother on Sunday. The rusty bottle cap from my English Aunty, here to stay for a few weeks, she spotted it when our walking. All the other goodies in a little bag from my dear Dad. Just precious, and I must remember to ask him what the fantastic round holey thing on the left is.
I had to make another Vintage Posy, just for the pleasure of assembling the pieces. This is the result viewed both in bright mid-day sunshine and inside.
When I met with Dawn last week she gave me a blank round canvas, I was itching to try working on a round base and took a little time to play. Kylie do you recognise the flowers?(another gift from a talented friend)
The delicious goodies below are purchases (and gifts) from Judy, at Red Velvet Elements. I am just itching to get going on the projects I have in mind for these and yet I am determined not to whinge about lack of art time, or at least to whinge less. A recent letter from a child I sponsor in Rwanda reminded me that she spends all day surviving and that play time is not just a treat for her - it is unknown.
While searching for some more oxidising patina on the weekend I spent a blissful half hour in a local non-franchise, owner run hardware store. My squeals of delight amused both the father and grandfather (of two of my students). The escutcheons are brass and the dear man wanted to polish them for me - I suggested that touching them with a polishing cloth may lead to violence and he backed off - shaking his head in bemusement. I bought wonderful little nails - that were weighed out on antique scales too!
I do love to shop locally, but an art addiction of mine is the copper mesh below. Super fine, it can be folded, cut, torn, heated, aged etc, etc. The only place I can find it in Western Australia sells the mesh in 12" x 6" pieces for $15. This roll (OK, I confess I bought two) is 12" by 36" and cost US$11 in Michael deMeng's store. Even with the exchange rate and postage I am getting a complete bargain - six times as much for almost exactly the same money. Which of course justifies the other goodies I bought, including these gorgeous nails with raised numbers on their ends - I don't know if I will be able to actually use them, I just like looking at them in the cute little glass jar.

The pumpkin hour as arrived and so off to bed I go. Can you guess what I will dream about?


Still Waters Studio said...

It's amazing what you can do with a cat food can lid. What a beautiful piece.
I've just about gotten my family trained to save me their bottle caps, but they don't save the rusty stuff yet.
I'm glad Archer is doing better. I hope he makes a full recovery.

Doreen G said...

Are they taps from tap dancing shoes in the third photo from the bottom?
I used to do tap dancing when I was a kid and they look familiar.
Glad Archer is feeling better.

Dawnie said...

I,m so releived that little furry babe is Ok.
Well he wont be eating nuts again will he ? Ok yes he proberly will but glad he is doing better.
Brooke says poor little guy.
Pretty specky canvas LL.A great job on the round. Me thinks another coming your way.Wonderful goodies here AGAIN.I love a visit here.

Hug ya

Prawnie xxx

Dot said...

I am so relieved that Mr munchie is OK too. My heart was in my mouth when I read about his reaction to Macadamia nuts!

Loved reading this post about all of your amazing gifts and finds. I am so pleased that your family' get' your art and provide supplies now:) I love how your English Aunty spotted a treasure for you too!

Your vintage posy is STUNNING. I am sure that someone will love owning and wearing it. I was speaking to Jacky yesterday and we were both talking fondly about you and in admiration of your talent. You have two big fans here in Victoria!.

Mmm...the goodies from Red Velvet are amazing. And the wire mesh from Mr De Meng is a great buy.

Sending much love to you from me and the kitties. Who are very happy to have had their mama home for 4 days! I am happy too :)
Dotee xoxo

P.S Love what you have done with the round canvas from our Dawnie. It must have been a great shape to work with!

Natalie B said...

Good to hear Archer is on the mend. Have I told you before how much I love that name for him?

Love your goodies and i must enquire with Dawyn where she got round canvas from :-)

Ro Bruhn said...

What a fabulous collection Julie, I love everything, the found objects, the necklace, the canvas, the goodies from Judy, I bought that lovely copper rose too, I also bought a roll of mesh, and lastly the goodies from the hardware store. Great post.

Janet said...

I'm guessing your dreams are about fabulous hardware stores and all the goodies they hold! So glad to hear Archer is on the mend. He just looks so cute and cuddly in all his photos.

It's amazing what YOU can create from what most people throw away! Your work, as always, is beautiful and so unique.

Judy said...

Wow, someone had a good week.
thanks for the plug and I really hope youe enjoy all your finds!

MaryB said...

My favorite place to browse and shop is the hardware/home improvement stores.
The posy necklace is wonderful. As is all of your creations.
Oh my, I just read about poor Archer, and I'm so glad I did. I had no idea that macadamia nuts were bad for dogs. I'm glad he is feeling better.